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Very easy to use so placing ads is straightforward. There is a lot of Bitcoin websites to choose from and good deals if you browse through the site list. One of my favorite ad networks that seems to convert better than others. Bryan M. on AdsWikia

Put your Banner Ad up today!

CoinHits is a simple BTC ad network that works using a pay-per-day system. Publishers add their websites, ad spaces and set minimum bids. Advertisers then bid on the ad spots and receive a share of the ad space proportionate to their bids. We've made it easy so you can get your ads running without wasting time.

  • Step 1: Create an Account
  • Step 2: Make a Deposit min. 0.001 BTC
  • Step 3: Bid on the Sites you want to Advertise!
Deposits are credited after 1 Confirmation, and Banners are approved instantly. Your ads go live as soon as the bid is placed. New Ads are saved to your account, and later you can load your saved Ads when you bid on new sites. No more waiting days for your campaigns to start!

How does it work?

As an advertiser you will set your bid for each ad space you want to advertise on. The higher the bid the greater share of the ad space you will receive. Monitor your current Bids and Pause/Resume your ads at any time.
Bitcoin Banner Advertising made easy!
As a publisher you set up an adspace on your website. Then choose the minimum bid amount for each spot. If your site is showing unique views and clicks then you will appear in the public site list for even more exposure.

Best Solution!

This truly is the best system for advertisers and publishers. If no bidders we will display with Network Pool Ads, if none available we will display your site offers page. This will give your site the Most Income!

Lowest Fee!

CoinHits fee is 10% only while other networks are taking up to 20%! This will give Publishers 10% more earnings than what they can do from other networks.


Target your ad only to the websites you pick and pay-per-day.
Or place one ad on the whole network sites quickly! See why advertisers love using CoinHits for optimal conversions.


Set up an adspace on your website and let advertisers bid for a share of the time. When you have no bidders or CPC advertisers. you will get shares of whole Network advertising to stay earning almost all of the time.

CoinHits is your solution to get maximum results!

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